UFO’s & WIP’s

UFO’s and WIP’s. If you belong to any craft related groups you probably see these acronyms a lot! UFO stands for UnFinished Objects and WIP stands for Works In Progress. Personally, I have literally dozens of these!!

Here is my current list:

4 quilt projects in progress; a paper pieced project, a cathedral window project, a machine pieced project and a set of appliqued wall hangings for the studio. Also, three more full size quilts that I have purchased the fabric for but have not yet started.

6 Crochet projects in progress; a sweater, a bunny and a baby toy. These have probably been untouched WIP’s long enough now to be relegated to UFO’s. Also molly flowers I plan to turn into a clutch; Misc. flowers I plan to use to create a garden on canvas; and a gorgeous floral crocheted table runner.

2 cross-stitch projects in progress; a gorgeous set of nutcrackers and a beautiful store front. I also have one for the studio that I have completed the stitching but is still waiting to be washed and blocked! Oh and 2 embroidery projects on the back burner that I have purchased the supplies for but have not yet started.

3 jewelry projects; 2 beaded bracelets and a crocheted wrist cuff.

Painted Christmas Ornaments that have been started but not yet finished.

A stack of vintage patterns that I plan to frame.

And a barn quilt that has been finished for months but needs to be sealed before delivering to my mother.

And let’s be honest. I’m sure there are many, many more that are hiding out somewhere in my craft room!

And you know what…..???? I am ok with it! lol At least I am not going to be bored!

I must say, though, I am determined to finish some of these up soon. I mean, there are about 20,000 more projects just waiting for me to start!

Speaking of projects, I have created a new Craft Group on Facebook.
Lavender Crossings Crafts Group
I would love for you to join us! We will be sharing patterns, projects, tips and ideas! It is a place to share and ask questions; get help and inspiration! Hope to see you there!


Weaving in ends

When I work on a crochet project, I always tell myself that I am going to weave in the ends as I go. Unfortunately, that rarely happens! The project that I ‘m currently working on has many, many color changes. I’ve estimated that the end weaving alone will take me 15-20 hours. eeeeekkkk!!!! Fortunately, I can weave in ends while I am working.

This has been a really fun project and I am excited to have it start coming together. I enjoy crocheting the many sections together.

Oliver enjoys being able to hang out on a stack of crocheted octagons. 🙂

I can’t wait to share the completed project with you! Not long now!!!

Crafting is good for our health

As a spa owner, health and wellness was an important part of my life. We provided services which produced benefits both physical and psychological to combat daily stressors and produce an elevated sense of well being.

Now that we are operating as a Creative Arts Center, we are still providing many of the same benefits.

Crafting has long been used in Occupational Therapy as a way to work on fine motor skills; but it is also used to work on cognitive skills and has been shown to improve overall mental health.

“There’s promising evidence coming out to support what a lot of crafters have known anecdotally for quite some time,” says Catherine Carey Levisay, a clinical neuropsychologist and wife of Craftsy.com CEO John Levisay. “And that’s that creating — whether it be through art, music, cooking, quilting, sewing, drawing, photography (or) cake decorating — is beneficial to us in a number of important ways.”

In a large scale international survey of knitters, respondents reported psychological benefits including relaxation, reduced anxiety, relief from stress, increased happiness and an improvement in cognitive abilities.

In another study, knitting was found to reduce workplace stress and compassion fatigue among oncology nurses.

Researchers tell us that learning new things and flexing our mental muscles, is one of the best things to protect ourselves from certain types of dementia. It also relieves stress by giving our brains something different to think about, gives us a sense of achievement, and gives us a new way to connect with others.

Crafting creates a sense of belonging and community. “When we are involved in (creativity), we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life,” Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said during a TED talk in 2004. “You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears. You forget yourself. You feel part of something larger.”

I am a solitary person by nature. But I have found when I craft with a group of others I am uplifted and inspired. I am encouraged, invigorated and enthused! I truly enjoy it and it is one of the few things that will get me out of the house!

I am so excited to be part of a community of crafters! I have spent the last two decades on a quest to learn as many forms of crafting as possible. I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with and learning from others! You are invited to join me. Lets de-stress, relax, enjoy life and be well together.


Cathedral Window Quilt

I am so, so excited to announce our newest class!

Made and photographed by Beth Graham

This class will teach you how to make the time honored Cathedral Window Quilt!

 Inspired by historic church and cathedral stain glass windows, and made from ‘scraps’, this highly portable pattern became popular in North America in the 1930s. This beautiful quilt is sewn 100% by hand; no sewing machine required.

Each quilt block is made using a folded patchwork technique similar to origami; and as you complete each block, you have completed the top, middle and bottom layers! There is no need to sandwich, baste, pin or ‘quilt’ through the layers because it has already been done!

This is such a peaceful, relaxing project! I’ve worked on them while watching TV, in meetings, in the car ( not while driving, of course! 😉 )

This class will take place over four Thursday evenings.

May 2, 2019
May 9, 2019
May 16, 2019
May 23, 2019

You will need to bring your fabric and basic sewing supplies. A detailed list will be sent out before the class.

If you have made one of these gorgeous quilts before, or inherited, or were gifted one, please share a picture with us!