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Handpour a Custom Candle

Choose your fragrance and your container and we will walk you through pouring your custom candle.

Bring some friends and wine and make an event out of it!

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This class will teach you how to make the time honored Cathedral Window Quilt.  Inspired by historic church and cathedral stain glass windows, this highly portable pattern became popular in North America in the 1930s.

This beautiful quilt is sewn 100% by hand; no sewing machine required.

Each quilt block is made using a folded patchwork technique similar to origami; and as you complete each block, you have completed the top, middle and bottom layers! There is no need to sandwich, baste, pin or ‘quilt’ through the layers because it has already been done!

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This class is a one hour session that focuses on the very basic first stitches of crochet.

Session 1 teaches the chain and the single crochet.

Session 2 teaches the chain and double crochet.