UFO’s & WIP’s

UFO’s and WIP’s. If you belong to any craft related groups you probably see these acronyms a lot! UFO stands for UnFinished Objects and WIP stands for Works In Progress. Personally, I have literally dozens of these!!

Here is my current list:

4 quilt projects in progress; a paper pieced project, a cathedral window project, a machine pieced project and a set of appliqued wall hangings for the studio. Also, three more full size quilts that I have purchased the fabric for but have not yet started.

6 Crochet projects in progress; a sweater, a bunny and a baby toy. These have probably been untouched WIP’s long enough now to be relegated to UFO’s. Also molly flowers I plan to turn into a clutch; Misc. flowers I plan to use to create a garden on canvas; and a gorgeous floral crocheted table runner.

2 cross-stitch projects in progress; a gorgeous set of nutcrackers and a beautiful store front. I also have one for the studio that I have completed the stitching but is still waiting to be washed and blocked! Oh and 2 embroidery projects on the back burner that I have purchased the supplies for but have not yet started.

3 jewelry projects; 2 beaded bracelets and a crocheted wrist cuff.

Painted Christmas Ornaments that have been started but not yet finished.

A stack of vintage patterns that I plan to frame.

And a barn quilt that has been finished for months but needs to be sealed before delivering to my mother.

And let’s be honest. I’m sure there are many, many more that are hiding out somewhere in my craft room!

And you know what…..???? I am ok with it! lol At least I am not going to be bored!

I must say, though, I am determined to finish some of these up soon. I mean, there are about 20,000 more projects just waiting for me to start!

Speaking of projects, I have created a new Craft Group on Facebook.
Lavender Crossings Crafts Group
I would love for you to join us! We will be sharing patterns, projects, tips and ideas! It is a place to share and ask questions; get help and inspiration! Hope to see you there!


English Paper Piecing & La Passacaglia

English Paper Piecing (EPP) is the method of creating a quilt top by wrapping fabric over sturdy pieces of paper and basting the fabric to the piece with thread or fabric glue. You then sew the pieces together by hand.

Hand sewing is my preferred method of sewing. I think I am probably in the minority of sewers, but I really love working the needle through fabric. Before I started quilting, I spent years (decades 😉 ) doing cross stitch and embroidery. I’ve done Cathedral Window Quilts and English Paper Piecing such as Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I enjoy being able to sit in front of the television and stitch.

I also really love the fact that I can take my project with me. I have worked on paper piecing projects at the doctor’s office, the hospital, in the school pickup line, baseball practices, play rehearsals, while on conference calls…. the list goes on and on!

Last fall I started looking for new English paper piecing patterns and came upon an absolutely amazing quilt pattern. It was a pattern called La Passacaglia by Willyne Hammerstein. Willyne, a quilter from the Netherlands, created a book of quilt patterns she named Millefiori Quilts. She was inspired by the tiling designs of an English mathematician named Mr. Penrose who worked on stars, cosmos, and geometric design.

The designs in this book are extraordinary. She has since published three additional books that are also amazing. I have several patterns from her other books already planned.

When I was researching this pattern, I found a Facebook page for quilters who were working on Millefiori quilts. The administrators of the group explained that it takes most people a year to complete this quilt. It is very demanding. I can’t post pictures of other peoples quilts here, but let me tell you there are some drop dead gorgeous versions of this quilt out there. And you know how the difference in fabric choices can make such a huge difference in the look of the quilt? This quilt really, really is affected by fabric choices. If you are on Pinterest, I have a board called ‘La Passagalia’ within my Quilting board. I encourage you to take a look at some of these amazing works of art! My pinterest name is bgrahamlc (lavender crossings).

La Passacaglia is made up of many different rosettes. I have started several of these and have almost finished my first one.

Aren’t they fun!?! I’m having such a good time with this one. I can’t wait to get the whole thing together!

We are going to offer a beginning paper piecing class at Lavender Crossings sometime this spring. It will cover tools, notions, project bags, the actual paper pieces, basting and different ways to sew the pieces together. It is easier than it looks and very relaxing.

Well, I am going to get back to sewing! Happy Crafting!


Be Our Guest!

Oh, what a long year 2019 was! We worked so hard attempting to convert our facility from a day spa into a studio and retreat center. We had our first overnight guests recently and they gave us great reviews and feedback! We still have a couple of guest rooms needing furniture; and we need to finish putting artwork and decorations on the walls but most of the work is complete! If you’re craving a crafty weekend soon, we can currently sleep 4 with work space for 8-10 (additional work space for another 10 possible)! We’ll hopefully have the other furniture in place soon!!

How about a little tour?

Just inside the front door
Living Room Area. Perfect place to sit and stitch!
A glimpse into the Studio
Work Space
Hallway to Guest Rooms
A Guestroom
Guest room
Additional work space
Dining Room
Dining Room
A Quote on the wall of the studio

We’ve got some really fun classes and events planned for this year! If you are interested in renting our space, check our calendar for availability and email us at bgraham@lavendercrossings.com!



Coming Together

It is now November; and with November comes Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends, neighbors and loved ones to give thanks for blessings received. The tradition dates back to the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock and stems from their giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. The celebrations continue today; and today we have much to be thankful for.

Some of the many things I am thankful for are my husband and children; my family and friends; having a job and a home; and being fortunate enough to be born into an amazing family in a country where we have freedoms so many others don’t have.

I am also thankful that our remodel project is finally starting to come together!! I feel like I have been working on it forever! My goal is for the space to be complete by Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to show you pictures and start taking reservations.

We are also working on putting together new classes and workshops and have been working with other artists and instructors to be able to offer everything from Stampin Up Workshops to Wire Weaving Classes.

In addition to offering classes and workshops, our space will also be available to rent by the hour for meetings and workshops; Or by the night for retreats. The studio space currently has individual 2 ft x 4 ft tables set up for 8 and a larger table that will seat 6. We have additional tables available to set up for more if needed. Our dining room can seat 10 and can also be used for meetings. We have a living room with seating for 6 – 8 and 4 bedrooms where we can sleep up to 8. There is a small kitchen, a coffee/water station, free wifi and bathroom facilities. This is the perfect space to host a quilt retreat, a scrap booking weekend or a leadership retreat.

This Thanksgiving I hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones. Enjoy each other’s company and take time to reflect on your blessings. I would love to hear from you about what you are Thankful for.

–Lots of Love,